Students and Teachers

Our education days are hands on experience for Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities.

We run specially adapted Pick, Cook and Learn Workshops – inspiring and educational these sessions are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while learning a bit about recognising, growing, picking, preparing and tasting fresh food. 

We encourage schools and colleges to visit us – Our educational initiatives are specifically designed for different age/ ability pupils and students. We fully support all key stages of the primary and secondary school curriculum, in line with the government manifesto. 

We encourage visits from Universities – Our project recognises the need for a more localised sustainable food system. We want to share the developing CSA model that reconnects people to their food. We have participated in a number of research projects, and encourage students to get involved with us on site.

Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Permission and Guidelines policies will be sent in advance to teachers, schools or groups.

For further information please Contact us.