The Fork and Dig It Traineeship intends to enable people from any background to gain practical horticultural knowledge and skills whilst contributing productivity to the site and organisation.  This is a mutually beneficial practical learning relationship.  The course follows other similar traineeships in structure, and offers students a broad overview and a comprehensive depth of knowledge and experience.  We are in the process of obtaining accreditation for this traineeship.


Our traineeship offers trainees the opportunity to participate in all stages of crop production as well as understanding and contributing to our CSA model and other projects relating to the development of our site.

Our intention is:
  • To teach and promote agro-ecological organic farming methods; practical organic food production and it’s associated knowledge
  • To teach and encourage further research and exploration into the subject
  • To inspire trainees to grow organic seasonal food and set up their own project
  • Trainees will benefit from having a strong desire to grow, sell and distribute organic food
  • Able to work outdoors throughout the year in all weathers
  • Are reliable, hardworking and organised
  • Are independently motivated and work well with others
  • Has some previous experience in growing food
  • Attend an on-site visit prior to joining the traineeship
  • Practical assessment
  • Completion of Theoretical Assignments
  • Attendance over 12 months