We are a Community Food Growing Project committed to Organic Principles;

                                  Health – Ecology – Fairness – Care 

We set up as Fork and Dig It in 2007 and immediately started connecting people to the land and their food through successful volunteer and community event days. In 2011 we started Brighton’s first CSA, producing a weekly organic share of the crop. This is now in its 10th year and has matured into Brighton CSA – Fork and Dig It CIC, which delivers 40 shares 48 weeks a year to our local community. The CSA fruit and veg share has becoming the cohesive focus for our volunteers and trainees. Our resilience over this time is due to a reliance on production rather than funding. Our growth and stability is testament to the strength of this approach. We have a strong agroecological ethos, which has organic soil management and protection at its heart. We pass on our knowledge freely, diversifying with Team-builds, Workshops and Education Days.

Realizing early on, that educating new entrant-growers would lead to a wholesale change in our food systems, we developed a pilot 1-year Traineeship (2017). For the past 3 years we have successfully run this traineeship as “Principles and Practices of Organic Food Production“, incorporating 10 weekly on site hours with 40 tutorials, and 6 offsite 2 hour lectures. We continue to improve this – intending to further develop our course manual and transcribe/video our weekly tutorial lessons, this will manifest as a standalone guide.

Whilst encouraging healthy, active lifestyle, our work aim is to develop a closer, more meaningful connection to our food, each other and to the soil.

Here’s a flavour of what you can do with us:

  • Brighton Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Fruit and Veg Share – receive a weekly share of our harvest, regularly join us onsite and become a member of our growing community.
  • Training:
    • The Principles and Practice of Organic Food Production, Year 1 – 12 Month traineeship
    • Small Scale Agriculture, Year 2 – 12 Month traineeship
    • 1 Day Weekend course – No Dig/How to grow your own food successfully
  • Education days: For Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Team building: For Companies, Corporates and Groups
  • Workshops:
    • Pickling Workshop (September/October)
    • Jam and Jelly Making Workshop (July)
    • Pick, Cook and Learn Workshop  (Bookable)
    • Compost Making Workshop (October)
  • Volunteering: Enjoy learning how to grow food and meet like minded people, held weekly, Friday 10-3pm and occasional Sundays 11-4pm
  • Food Events: Regular celebrations of our delicious organic harvest